By the time 2013 comes to an end, Microsoft’s next Xbox creation will be in living rooms across the globe. But what will it look like? How will it run? Will it really be here in time for the holidays? More importantly, are people actually calling it the “Kyrptos”? We may not have many answers from the Big M itself, but that’s where rampant speculation and wild internet rumors come in handy.

1.) Interested in what Microsoft has up its sleeve? Fall in line and join us as we take a tour of the latest rumors and predictions circling the (cringe) Xbox 720…

It’s being called the Durango, Loop, 720, or Kryptos (but none of those are its final name)

In the beginning it was the “720”. Then it was “Loop”. For a time it was called the “Durango”, and now…? We’re really not sure anymore. If we’re going by the latest whispers from the internet, Microsoft has once again relabeled it’s next-gen console, and are now referring to it internally as the “Kryptos”.

Code crackers and puzzle fans will recognize Kryptos as the Greek word for “hidden”, and the origin word for cryptography, the study of securing and breaking communication codes. Meanwhile, Durango can also mean a car brand or the Mexican state. So…take your pick.

2.) All will be revealed this June (or earlier)

It’s always been assumed Microsoft will reveal its “next big thing” during its E3 2013 conference, and now that even Major Nelson himself has hinted at a major announcement and posted a countdown clock

Images Leaked

Images Leaked

to June 11, 2013, it’s clear the console maker has something big to share.

Can’t wait for June? Word on the street is both Microsoft and Sony are hoping to preempt E3 2013 with their own dedicated conferences in late March. This rumor comes from February 2013′s edition of Game Informer which states: “We hear that both Sony and Microsoft are targeting special Apple-style press conferences to unveil their platforms near the Game Developers Conference in late March … E3 in June may be the industry’s biggest event, but both companies want to give their systems their own limelight.”

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